RUBINSINGER RESORT 2017 LOOKBOOK DOWNLOAD / Download the RUBINSINGER Resort 2017 Collection Lookbook using this link: RUBINSINGER RESORT 2017

Resort 2017 is, simply put, about beauty – sensual, evocative, elegant beauty. I set out to create a collection that radiates a bold, modern, feminine, elegance. This enabled the pieces to look pretty and feel strong, to be glamorous in their essence while seductive in their application.

This season is, in part, inspired by the timeless wardrobing design of Catherine Deneuve in “Belle Du Jour” –– this 1967 French film by Luis Buñuel is at the core of my contextual look and concept, not just visually but philosophically as well.

“Belle de Jour” dramatizes the collision between depravity and elegance. It artfully explores surreal erotica juxtaposed against the simple beauty of the mundane. These opposing identities and ideas have, in one way or another, always imbued my creative work and excited my drive to make fashion that balances the strong and the delicate. – Rubin Singer. Models: Ajak Deng & Nykhor. RS

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