NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2016: PERFECT IN BLACK AND WHITE / New York Fashion Week has given us life for the year 2016! Our Fashion Editor, Tweety Elitou is on the scene visiting shows and keeping her ears to the streets and her eyes on the runway spotting the latest trends in the Big Apple. We are excited to see what fashion she has encountered and the designers that she predicts will make a mark in the world of fashion for the year to come.

Here are a few of our favorite looks: RUBINSINGER. Designer Rubin Singer wasted no time in creating new shapes and new fabrics to present a vigorous and sophisticated collection of “red carpet ready” gowns and dresses that would make any fashionista’s jaw drop. With amazing colors of teal and emerald, futuristic metallic fabrics, and shattered glass embroidery, Rubin proves to be a visionary that will continue to make refreshing changes in the fashion industry. RS

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