20140630-183507-66907334.jpg Rubin Singer and his couture designs land in Monte Carlo / Rubin Singer visited Monte Carlo, Cote d’Azur, France, to assist to the wedding of Victoria Krutoy, daughther of Russian composer Igor Yakovlevich Krutoy. For this occasion, both stunningly beautiful Krutoy ladies, daughter Victoria and mother Olga, wore couture creations by the designer.  RS

20140630-183507-66907449.jpgPhoto above: Rubin Singer together with the woman of the day, Victoria Krutoy, wearing a custom-made RUBINSINGER couture, along the fabulous Alla Verber -Vice President of TsUM, Russia’s biggest luxury goods group, celebrating the newly weds.!! at the Monte Carlo Yacht Club.

20140630-183507-66907674.jpgPhoto above: The back of Victoria Krutoy ‘s custom one of a kind couture hand pleated silk dress, right after it was completed at RUBINSINGER‘s New York Studio, last Friday.

20140630-183507-66907562.jpgPhoto above: Rubin Singer with the beautiful Rossana Podlesezkij

20140630-183507-66907207.jpgPhoto above: Rubin Singer with Kelly Connor – Market Editor at Vogue, Robbie & crew.  Such a FUN wedding night.

20140630-183507-66907872.jpgPhoto above: Rubin Singer with Rossana Podlesezkij and Eleonora Piltser. at Sass Cafe Monaco.

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