20140102-023756.jpgVOGUE Italy features Rubin Singer as VTALENTS 2014. / “… Dietro lo strapotere di un faraone si celava costantemente una femme fatale: per Rubin Singer è un principio senza tempo, che oggi trova la sua manifestazione nella moda attraverso fregi metallici o effetti laminati, tagli svasati, puntuti e che scompaginano dal perimetro anatomico…”

Translation via Google Translate: Behind the excessive power of a pharaoh constantly lurked a femme fatale: Rubin Singer is a timeless principle, which today finds its manifestation in friezes fashion through metallic effects or rolled, flared cuts, spiky, and disarrange the perimeter anatomy.

Rubin posted on his Facebook Wall: So honored and delighted to be included in Vogue Italia’s Spring 2014 talents.! RS

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