20131031-090231.jpgNYPost / “Designer finds an audience for Olivia Pope” Rubin Singer designed the gown Kerry Washington wears in tonight’s new episode of Scandal. Black-and-ecru stunner gown — which she found on the rack at a Neiman Marcus store, said The ABC series’ costume designer, Lyn Paolo. Was looking for the perfect gown for Olivia Pope. “Lyn came into my studio just to meet me and say how excited she was about the gown and how Kerry was super excited about it because they’d been looking for it for awhile,” Singer tells The Post. “Lyn had seen the dress at Neiman’s, and she fell in love with it. It was really wonderful how it came about — it was very organic.” And no adjustments were necessary. “She’s a perfect size 2,” Singer says. Stay tuned.!! Tonight ABC 10/9 Central. Read the full article by Kate Storey. RS20131031-090248.jpg

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