Press Clipping /  Since it has become a whole task to track and post all the Press that has been published about Rubin Singer‘s creation for Beyonce for her Half Time Performance at during the Super Bowl XLVII, we have decided to do a Press Clipping summarizing day by day some of the many articles that have reached to our hands. Fashion Editors, Magazines, Bloggers from the United States and the entire world, have express their appreciation, respect, love and interest for this current creation and any future collection by Rubin Singer. Just to name a few: VOGUE UK, Harpers Bazaar, NY Post, Style Network, Lucky MAG, Tom and Lorenzo, Perez Hilton, Fashion Magazine…  Thank You everyone for your interest and support. RS

The designer behind Beyoncé’s on-stage outfit, Rubin Singer, releases a sketch of the all-leather look.

Harpers Bazzar
While You Were Sleeping: Beyonce Stuns in Rubin Singer at Super Bowl XLVII, A Transparent New Fashion Prize, Plus More!

New York Post
He’s behind Beyoncé’s sizzling Super Bowl suit

Style Network
Rubin Singer: Beyonce’s sewing machine

Lucky MAG
Beyoncé’s Rubin Singer Super Bowl Outfit: Shop It Out

Tom & Lorenzo
Beyonce in Rubin Singer at the Super Bowl

New Now Next
Trending in Style: Beyonce & Destiny’s Child wear Rubin Singer

Perez Hilton
Beyonce lets loose in Leather & Lace at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Fashion Magazine
Beyonce wears Rubin Singer to the Super Bowl and blows our minds

Obnoxious TV
Rubin Singer was the designer of Beyonce’s Hot Leather Outfit she rocked for her Halftime Performance!

Metro US
All hail the queen: Beyonce’s Super Bowl look, in numbers

High Fashion Magazine
Beyonce’s Rubin Singer Bodysuit required 5 fittings
Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child’s epic leather looks. Get all of the details here!

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