Rubin Singer at METROVELVETHouston, United States / Rubin Singer was interviewed by Mr G / Luis Soto – Co Fashion Editor at Metrovelvet over ” The Death of Ophelia” SS 2013 Collection. Rubin Singer brought elegance and beauty with his Spring/Summer 2013 collection, to the runway of Fashion Houston 2012 presented by Audi at the Wortham Theater Center – Grand Foyer. This collection consisted of mostly flowy gowns and embroidered cocktail dress, which starts off with a muted color palette and ends up with vibrant, vivid colors. I had the chance to spend some time with Rubin before his show and ask him a few questions about his collection.

RUBIN SINGER AT METROVELVETSince its inception in 2007, the Rubin Singer brand has been founded on the principles of edgy and sophisticated design that shaped the designer’s aesthetic approach and creative vision from a young age. He is not in the business of making clothes, but curating how someone is to look and live in the world. Rubin believes very strongly in technique and gravitates toward unique proportions. He constantly grapples with notions of cut, flow, and structured versus unstructured. Any creative inspiration or inventive approach is always grounded in these guidelines of technique and core beliefs in couture. Read the full article @ Metrovelvet
RUBIN SINGER INTERVIEWED BY METROVELVETThank you Luis Soto and Metrovelvet for the lovely interview. Photos by Jay Marroquin. RS

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